Coaches at REACH Volleyball Club are fully dedicated and put in the time, effort and love in providing development in a High Performance culture to each and every REACH Athlete.

DAVID (DAVE) TA – Technical Director – Head Coach

Dave is a highly accomplished volleyball coach with an extensive background in the sport. His coaching journey is marked by a deep understanding of the game, backed by over 25 years of experience in both playing and coaching volleyball. Holding the prestigious NCCP Level 3 certification as a Volleyball Canada Performance Coach, Dave’s expertise is truly remarkable.

Dave’s coaching prowess has particularly shone in the realm of High Performance volleyball. Recently, he took on the role of Head Coach for the Men’s Volleyball program at York University Lions, where he successfully guided the team to the OUA Final Four. His exceptional coaching abilities extend to the national stage as well, as he was handpicked to serve as a coach for the 2023 Team Canada Junior (U21) National Team Selection Camp.

On the provincial level, Dave has made substantial contributions to Team ONTARIO Volleyball. He joined the coaching staff in 2019 and assumed the prestigious role of Head Coach for Team Ontario Red in 2020, followed by leading Team Ontario Black in 2021 and 2022. In 2023, he is set to once again spearhead Team Ontario Red as the Head Coach during the prestigious Canada Cup. Throughout the OVA season, Dave actively collaborates with Team Ontario Elite, showcasing his unwavering commitment to nurturing top-tier talent.

Dave’s outstanding coaching abilities have garnered well-deserved recognition and accolades. In 2020, he was honored with the distinguished title of OVA Mike Bugarski Male Coach of the Year, a testament to his exceptional contributions to the sport. Additionally, he has received the OVA Recognition Award in 2019 and the OVA Achievement Award in 2021, further highlighting his significant impact and influence within the volleyball community. Dave’s dedication to volleyball and his ability to shape future stars make him an invaluable figure in the sport. Recently, he has expanded his influence by joining the Windsor Lancer’s Men’s Volleyball Program Coaching Staff as an assistant coach/recruitment.

Karen Lee Ta

KAREN LEE – Head Coach/Assistant Coach

Karen Lee is a highly accomplished professional with a degree in Kinesiology, specializing in athletic therapy. With over two decades of experience, she has made her mark as a versatile volleyball player, coach, and referee. Her passion for the sport continues to thrive as she dedicates herself to coaching volleyball at the High-Performance level and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to guide athletes of all ages.

Karen’s coaching career has been marked by notable achievements. In the summer of 2019, she received the prestigious appointment to coach at the Team Ontario Regional Program, a testament to her coaching prowess. Her journey continued with her selection as the coach for Team Ontario White in 2020 and again in 2023. Additionally, Karen’s coaching journey reached new heights when she was chosen as a Team Ontario Black coach in the summer of 2021.

Her coaching experience also extends to various teams, where she has played a pivotal role in shaping young talents. Notably, she has served as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for Team Ontario Black in 2021 and Team Ontario RED in 2022. In addition to her provincial coaching roles, Karen is the present Head Coach of the Toronto Storm in NACIVT, where her strategic acumen and coaching expertise contribute significantly to the team’s ongoing success.

Karen Lee’s profound knowledge of volleyball, coupled with her extensive experience, cements her status as a respected figure in the volleyball community. Her dedication to the development of athletes and her unwavering commitment to the sport continue to inspire and empower future generations of volleyball enthusiasts.

Ricki Chak

RICKI CHAK – Head Coach

Ricky is a dedicated and accomplished volleyball coach, holding the distinction of a Trained Advanced Development Coach at Level 2 for indoor volleyball. His invaluable contributions to REACH Volleyball date back to 2016, where he has brought a wealth of over 15 years of combined volleyball experience to the table. Ricky’s transition from a successful playing career to coaching has been nothing short of remarkable, and he has excelled in both the OVA and NACIVT circuits.

Within the OVA, Ricky’s coaching prowess is evident through consistently impressive results achieved by his teams across various age groups. Notable achievements include securing top 3 finishes in 2020 (18UG) and top 5 finishes in 2017 (15UG), 2019 (17UG), and 2020 (18UG). Additionally, Ricky’s teams have consistently landed in the top 10 in multiple other seasons, showcasing his enduring commitment to excellence.

Ricky’s coaching success extends seamlessly to the NACIVT, where his team has consistently maintained top 10 positions since 2016. His strategic insights and leadership have been instrumental in achieving these commendable results.

With an extensive coaching journey marked by proven success, Ricky continues to leave an indelible mark in the volleyball community. His dedication to nurturing young talents and guiding athletes to reach their full potential in the sport is a testament to his coaching acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Hank Ma

HANK MA – Coach

REACH is thrilled to welcome Hank Ma, the current Humber Hawks Men’s Volleyball Coach, to our coaching team. With a rich coaching background, Hank has previously coached at York Lions Volleyball in the 90s and served as the technical director and head coach of Toronto West Volleyball Club for approximately 5 years. It’s a special connection as Hank has come full circle, having coached our current REACH technical director/head coach Dave, as well as being acquainted with the club’s co-founders, Chichky Hua and Steve Kung.

Hank’s coaching experience extends to his involvement with the Ontario Volleyball Association Athlete Development Program and the Elite Athlete Development Programme. He has achieved remarkable success, leading the Region-Five team to two gold medals at the Regional Games and one gold medal at the Ontario Summer Games. Additionally, as an assistant coach of the Ontario Provincial Team in the Elite Development Program, Hank played a pivotal role in capturing the gold medal at the National Team Challenge Cup.

Hank’s wealth of experience and successful coaching track record make him a valuable addition to the REACH coaching staff. His expertise and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of our athletes.

Andrew Wong

ANDREW WONG – Head Coach

Andrew, the driving force behind REACH, is deeply committed to the holistic development of athletes within the program. With a remarkable tenure of up to 30-plus years of playing and coaching experience, he brings a wealth of wisdom and expertise to the table. Andrew’s main priority is to nurture the comprehensive growth of athletes, both in volleyball and life beyond the sport.

A staunch advocate for the LTAD model (Long-Term Athlete Development Framework), Andrew champions the idea that athletic excellence is a long-term journey. He is dedicated to instilling fundamental skills in volleyball and life, ensuring that athletes are equipped with the tools they need to thrive. Andrew’s coaching philosophy revolves around empowering athletes to realize their maximum potential in volleyball, and he achieves this by implementing cutting-edge training techniques and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Furthermore, Andrew’s commitment to development extends to organizing clinics throughout the year, where the focus is on enhancing technical skills. These clinics provide athletes with invaluable opportunities to refine their abilities under the guidance of an experienced coach who has not only played but also coached for over two decades, further solidifying his dedication to the sport and the athletes he mentors.

CHRIS LING – Head Coach

Chris brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his coaching role with the REACH Boys program, as he enters his 10th year with the organization. His dedication and commitment to coaching have been recognized through various prestigious appointments.

In the summer of 2020, Chris was named to the Team Ontario Regional Program, followed by his selection as a Team Ontario Academy Coach in 2021. In 2022, he took on the role of Team Ontario Red Coach, and most recently, he was appointed as the Head Coach of Team Ontario White for 2023. These positions highlight Chris’s coaching abilities and his understanding of High Performance volleyball.

Having been a CCAA Men’s Volleyball Champion with the Humber Hawks, Chris has a deep understanding of the game and the demands of competitive volleyball. His extensive experience in the sport has given him valuable insights into the intricacies of High Performance volleyball.

In addition to his work with REACH, Chris also completed a successful season as an assistant coach with Coach David Ta at York University Lions Men’s Volleyball Program. Together, they guided the team to the OUA Final Four, further demonstrating Chris’s coaching prowess and ability to contribute to the success of a collegiate-level program.

With his extensive background and comprehensive knowledge of the sport, Chris is poised to continue making a positive impact on the development and performance of athletes in the world of volleyball.

Sis Phant

SIS PHANT – Head Coach

Sis is a highly experienced volleyball coach, referee, and player with a remarkable career spanning over 30 years. With over 15 years dedicated to coaching OVA club teams, he has honed his skills and expertise in the sport. Sis holds an NCCP Level 2 Beach and Level 1 Indoor Volleyball coaching certification.

Throughout his coaching journey, Sis has worked with various levels and age groups, including primary school, OVA age divisions, and post-secondary high-performance athletes. His strength lies in developing young athletes and placing a strong emphasis on technique. He takes great pride in seeing his athletes excel in volleyball while growing into confident and well-rounded individuals.

Sis is known for his passion, energy, patience, and unwavering commitment to each player under his coaching and mentorship. His dedication has positively impacted thousands of athletes throughout his career. Notably, as the coach of REACH Harmony 16U Girls, Sis achieved a historic season in 2022-23. His team secured impressive victories, including the 16U OVA Grand Prix Championship 2023, 16U Ontario Volleyball Championships, and the 16U Volleyball Canada National Championship.

With his extensive experience, focus on technique, and commitment to the holistic development of young athletes, Sis continues to make a significant impact in the sport of volleyball.

JESSE TSANG – Head Coach

REACH is delighted to introduce Jesse, our newest addition to the coaching staff. With a solid foundation as a Left Side player for Ryerson University as well as the Toronto Connex Volleyball Club, Jesse brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. Their exceptional skills and dedication have made them a respected figure in the volleyball community.
Jesse has a great passion for coaching and the development of players. With a successful coaching background, Jesse possesses a unique ability to inspire and guide athletes to reach their full potential. Their commitment to individual growth and strategic approach to the game have consistently yielded outstanding results.
As a Left Side specialist, Jesse’s specialized understanding of the position will greatly benefit our coaching team. His insights and techniques will enhance players’ skills, contributing to their success. We are thrilled to have Jesse on board and eagerly anticipate the growth and achievements that will come under their guidance.

SHAWN SAUNDERS – Assistant Coach

With over 30 years of experience in volleyball, Shawn brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his coaching role. As a former player for the University of Calgary Dinos Men’s Volleyball Program as a setter, Shawn possesses a deep understanding of the position and its intricacies.

Shawn’s expertise as a setter has proven invaluable, as he has developed numerous high IQ volleyball athletes under his guidance. His ability to impart knowledge and skills specific to the position has resulted in the success and growth of his setters.

In his earlier coaching career, Shawn achieved significant accomplishments. His team captured an OVA Championship, showcasing his coaching acumen and ability to lead a team to success. Additionally, his team’s impressive performance, finishing in the Top 5 at Nationals, further demonstrates his coaching prowess and the impact he has on his athletes.

REACH is fortunate to have Shawn as part of our coaching team. His extensive experience, expertise as a setter, and track record of success make him a valuable asset in the development and achievement of our athletes.

LARRY HUM – Head Coach

Larry, an old-school coach with a wealth of experience spanning over 35 years, has been a longtime friend and volleyball enthusiast alongside Andrew Wong. Their shared passion for the sport has been a cornerstone of their enduring friendship. Larry’s prominent presence in the volleyball community is well-established, particularly as an accomplished athlete who played a pivotal role in the inception of the esteemed Toronto Connex Volleyball Club.

During the early days of Connex Volleyball, Larry took on the role of the original Head Coach for the Men’s teams, steering them to remarkable success in the competitive NACIVT scene. His coaching acumen and dedication were instrumental in the team’s achievements.

As the next generation of volleyball players, including his own children, embrace the sport that Larry has cherished throughout his life, Coach Hum is driven to give back and contribute to its growth. His commitment to nurturing young talents and sharing his invaluable expertise, especially in the realm of backrow defense, is a testament to his unwavering love for volleyball and his dedication to ensuring its continued success. Larry’s extensive experience and knowledge make him a valuable mentor and coach for aspiring volleyball players.


Daniel is a dedicated and accomplished professional with a passion for coaching and developing athletes. Growing up in Ontario, he understood the significance of club volleyball, which fueled his passion for the sport. During his time as a varsity player at Trinity Western University, he earned All-Canadian honors twice.

With a Bachelor of Human Kinetics and a teaching degree from the University of British Columbia, Dan spent seven years in education and athletic directing before relocating with his family to explore new opportunities. Currently, he holds the position of Senior Manager (human performance specialist) in the Energy Industry, where his commitment to developing people and striving for excellence remains apparent both in the workplace and with his volleyball teams.

Since 1998, Dan has generously shared his multifaceted expertise by volunteering in early development programs for volleyball athletes in BC. His dedication to the game is evident, as he holds a NCCP level 2 coaching certification. Over the past 22 years, he has successfully coached club volleyball teams in three provinces, achieving Provincial gold in BC, Nova Scotia, and Ontario.

Dan is enthusiastic about joining REACH Volleyball Club and its community, continuing the tradition of long-term athlete development. His love for the game and commitment to nurturing young talent make him a valuable asset to any team or program he becomes a part of.

[“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” ― Michael Jordan] – Making things happen are values by which Daniel believes in.

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RICHARD NGO - Head Coach

Richard is a valuable coaching asset to REACH, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise. As a former OCAA athlete, Richard competed as a setter/libero for the Seneca Sting. Following his playing career, he continued to contribute to the sport as an assistant coach for Seneca for three years.

With over 15 years of combined playing and coaching experience, Richard has played a pivotal role in fostering athlete development. His dedication to the sport and commitment to helping athletes reach their full potential are evident in his coaching approach.

Richard’s coaching abilities have been recognized, as he was recently named to the coaching staff of the Team Ontario Regional Program in the summer of 2023. This further highlights his expertise and dedication to coaching excellence.

REACH is privileged to have Richard as part of our coaching team. His experience, knowledge, and passion for the game will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of our athletes.

TERRY LEE - Head Coach

REACH is thrilled to have Coach Terry Lee join our coaching staff. With over 15 years of coaching and playing experience, Terry brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our program. As a teacher, she understands the importance of athlete development and has been actively coaching in the 9man volleyball realm for the Toronto Flying Tigers during the summers.

Terry’s dedication to coaching excellence has been recognized, as she was recently named to the coaching staff of the Team Ontario Regional Program in the summer of 2023. Her contribution to the REACH teams she has coached has been invaluable, and we look forward to her continued impact.

Terry’s passion for the sport and commitment to athlete development make her a valuable asset to our coaching staff. We are excited to have her on board and confident that she will help our athletes reach new heights.

Anqi Zhou - Head Coach

Anqi joins REACH this year as a Head Coach to the 17U boys REACH Rampage boys prgoram, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. His playing experience is vast, having played in the OVA from 15U-18U OVA, including being a member of the Team Ontario Region 5 team for 15U &16U, while competing in AAAA OFSAA in highschool. He then went on to play outside hitter for Ryerson Rams men’s volleyball team, and throughout is a member of the NLV volleyball club in the 9-man volleyball circuit. Anqi’s coaching style includes a focus on creating a high performance culture based on sound fundamentals, and is excited to bring his passion for the game and eye for precision to REACH volleyball.

BRIAN CHAN – Head Coach

REACH is delighted to welcome Brian Chan to our coaching staff. With his extensive experience in coaching within the OVA and his recent coaching involvement with Ngun Lam Volleyball Club FLIGHT youth programs in the NACIVT circuit, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

His ability to develop and nurture young talent has been evident throughout his coaching career.

With his focus on coaching boys in the age group, Brian will play a pivotal role in the ongoing development of our boys’ programs at REACH. His dedication to player growth and his commitment to providing a positive and supportive environment will undoubtedly contribute to the success of our athletes.

We are excited to have Brian on board, and we look forward to the impact he will make as part of our coaching staff. REACH is confident that his coaching experience and passion for the sport will greatly benefit our athletes as they continue to progress in their volleyball journey.


With over 15 years of coaching experience, Nelson is a seasoned coach with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He brings a steady pedigree of development basics and tactical knowledge to his coaching approach, ensuring that athletes receive a strong foundation in fundamental skills and strategic understanding of the game.

Nelson’s dedication and commitment to coaching excellence have been recognized, as he was recently named to the Team Ontario Regional Program Coaching Staff in the Summer of 2023. This appointment is a testament to his coaching abilities and the impact he has made in the volleyball community.

In addition to his involvement with Team Ontario, Nelson is actively involved in the 9man volleyball circuit as a coach with Toronto Storm. His experience coaching in this competitive environment further enhances his understanding of the game and allows him to bring valuable insights and strategies to his coaching at REACH.

Nelson’s passion for developing athletes and his continuous pursuit of coaching excellence make him a valuable asset to the coaching team at REACH. His experience, knowledge, and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of our athletes.


Katherine Chan is a standout individual with a wealth of experience in the world of volleyball. With a background that spans numerous years of Club/REP Volleyball, Katherina is renowned for her prowess as a left-side attacker, renowned for her killer mentality on the court. Her exceptional skills and relentless drive make her an invaluable asset when it comes to teaching the art of attacking to aspiring athletes. Katherine’s impressive journey in volleyball includes playing for Toronto Storm X in the highly competitive NACIVT, where her team consistently secured Top 5 finishes in the Gold Flight. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to share her expertise make Katherine a formidable force in the world of volleyball, poised to inspire and empower the next generation of female athletes.


Meilin Carmichael is a dedicated volleyball coach with a rich background in the sport. Her volleyball journey began as a player when she showcased her skills as a member of the Centennial College Colts’ Varsity team from 2017 to 2019. Transitioning to competitive play, Meilin has been a pivotal asset to the Toronto Storm X team in the NACIVT, consistently securing Top 5 rankings in the Gold Flight. As a REACH Legacy member, graduating in the class of 2017 from REACH Synergy, she brings a unique perspective to the game. Meilin is passionate about not only developing technical skills but also nurturing qualities like teamwork, discipline, and mental toughness. Her commitment to fostering a love for volleyball, coupled with her competitive success and REACH Legacy membership, makes her a valuable addition to any coaching team.


Caroline Chung is an exceptional individual with an impressive background in volleyball. She brings with her a wealth of experience, having dedicated four years to REP/Club Volleyball in the OVA and showcased her talent as a varsity player for the Waterloo Warriors. Currently, Caroline is a vital member of the Toronto Storm X team, which competes in the NACIVT, consistently demonstrating top-tier skills and determination on the volleyball court. Beyond her impressive playing career, Caroline’s inspirational coaching abilities shine through. Her passion for the sport, combined with her commitment to nurturing and developing players, sets her apart as a truly exceptional coach. With her extensive volleyball experience and unwavering dedication, Caroline continues to make a significant impact on the volleyball community, both as a player and a coach.

WINNY YANG – Head Coach

Winny Yang is an exceptional athlete deeply rooted in the volleyball community. She not only boasts a dedicated playing career but also holds the prestigious status of a REACH Legacy member, having represented REACH Fusion during her club days. Today, Winny continues to shine in the world of volleyball as a pivotal player for Toronto Storm X in the highly competitive NACIVT. Her team’s recent achievement of securing a Top 4 position in the Gold Flight is a testament to their collective skill and unwavering determination. Winny’s distinctive strength on the court lies in her resolute commitment to defense, where her unyielding attitude sets her apart. Her exceptional defensive abilities and enduring passion for the sport make her a formidable presence in the volleyball arena and a true inspiration to those with aspirations of reaching similar heights.

WILLIAM CHU – Head Coach

William Chu is a remarkable individual and a prodigy in the realm of volleyball. Coming from a traditional Asian household, William was not allowed to play OVA volleyball but nevertheless, his innate talent and obsession in studying the game enabled him to transcend these limitations. Even in the absence of formal coaching and substantial volleyball experience, his exceptional skills made him one of the most sought-after prospects by many OVA clubs and granted him huge success in school volleyball – winning countless TDSB City Championships, multiple OFSAA appearances and capturing gold at the 2015 AAAA Senior Boys’ Volleyball OFSAA Championships. Today, William continues to illuminate the volleyball stage as a distinguished all-star wing hitter for the esteemed Toronto Connex 9man Volleyball Club, renowned for its legacy of championship victories and housing some of the most elite volleyball talents. Beyond his accomplishments on the court, William leads a dynamic dual life as a software engineer for the tech giant Amazon, combining his passion for technology with his love for volleyball. His unwavering commitment to excellence both in his profession and on the volleyball court makes William a truly exceptional and multifaceted individual.

CECILIA ZHENG – Assistant Coach

Cici Zheng is a standout athlete with a stellar background in volleyball. Over the course of three years, she dedicated herself to OVA REP/Club Volleyball, where she honed her skills as an experienced left-side attacker. Today, Cici is a formidable force on the court as a key player for Toronto Storm X in the competitive NACIVT, particularly excelling as an Outside attacker. Her dynamic and versatile playing style is a testament to her dedication and passion for the game. Adding to her impressive volleyball journey, Cici also had the privilege of playing for the Humber Hawks Women’s Volleyball team, where they achieved the remarkable feat of capturing the 2021-22 OCAA Championship. With her outstanding track record and commitment to excellence, Cici is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of volleyball, poised for continued success and impact in the sport.

KAELYN FOON – Assistant Coach

Kaelyn Foon, a Reach Legacy Member and 2022 graduate of Reach Chaos, is on a mission to nurture athlete development. With a background as a former Team Ontario athlete, she now coaches the Development Program at Reach, where her dedication inspires athletes to continually refine their skills and game knowledge. Kaelyn’s commitment to the sport extends beyond coaching; during the summer, she competes with the nine-man club Storm Volleyball. Her journey embodies perseverance, passion, and the profound influence that a dedicated coach can have on aspiring athletes.

WILLIAM FENG– Assistant Coach

William Feng is an experienced setter who has left his mark in the competitive world of 9man volleyball, particularly as a valued member of the renowned Toronto Flying Tigers club. Having showcased his skills and dedication on the NACIVT scene, William has now embarked on a new chapter in his volleyball journey. His passion for the sport has taken on a new dimension as his son has recently joined the ranks of young athletes in the OVA scene. With the desire to give back and contribute to the development of the next generation of volleyball players, William is poised to make a meaningful impact on the budding careers of young athletes, sharing his knowledge and experience to help them thrive in the sport he holds dear.

Heather Sanchez

HEATHER SANCHEZ – Assistant Coach

REACH welcomes Heather as a valued addition to our coaching staff. With extensive coaching experience at Scarborough Titans and a background playing for Centennial College Women’s Volleyball program, Heather brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. She has also achieved great success in the NACIVT, consistently placing in the Top 4 with Toronto Storm Volleyball. Heather’s passion and expertise will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our athletes as they strive for success at REACH.

Sev Libramonte

SEV LIBRAMONTE – Assistant Coach

Sev is a highly accomplished coach and player with a wealth of experience. He coached the Centennial College Men’s Volleyball program in 2018 and made a significant impact as a player for the Centennial Colts and Seneca Sting in the OCAA from 2015 to 2023. Sev’s notable achievements include helping the Colts Men’s Team reach the playoffs after a 29-year gap and receiving the Most Improved Player (MIP) award in 2018. He is also a valued member of the Toronto Qilin 9-Man Volleyball team. With his expertise and passion, Sev is excited to contribute to the development of young athletes in the OVA community.

 JOHNSON XIANG – Assistant Coach

Johnson is a valued addition to the REACH Coaching Staff, bringing with him a strong passion for coaching and a wealth of experience. Despite juggling a busy schedule as a player, coach, and student, Johnson’s commitment and dedication shine through.

With a playing career that includes stints at Bur Oak Secondary, TZQV, and now NLV, Johnson understands the demands and challenges of the game firsthand. As a technical skills coach at UW Serve, he has honed his coaching abilities and contributed to the development of young athletes. Additionally, his involvement in running the day-to-day operations at the UW Serve club showcases his organizational and leadership skills.

REACH is proud to welcome Johnson to the coaching team, recognizing his positive influence both on and off the court. His dedication, knowledge, and ability to balance multiple responsibilities make him a valuable asset to our program. We look forward to the impact he will have on our athletes’ growth and success.

LIMAY HU – Assistant Coach

Limay is no stranger to the game of volleyball and the rep sports scene. From 11 yrs old onwards, she played soccer for East York Soccer Club which laid the foundation for so many sports. She was also a member of the varisty volleyball team for the Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute Red Hawks. Throughout her career she was a player for both the Tri-Campus volleyball and soccer teams while at UofT St. George Campus. She is still an active player in for the Storm womens club on the NACIVT 9-man circuit. Her in-depth knowledge of the game and expertise in volleyball techniques is a blessing as she lends her experience to the REACH Rage volleyball program.

ARNOLD CHAU – Assistant Coach

Volleyball is a constant part of Arnold’s life and joining REACH to assist the Rage program is just another step in his volleyball career. His playing career is packed with 2 years of OVA, 4 years at Markham District High School, and 5 years of 9man (TZQV and NLV). His coaching career includes being a skills coach at UW SERVE and for camps for Markham Wildcats and the City of Markham. REACH is lucky to have Arnold join the ranks as he continues to nuture both an active playing career and now adding coaching.

CALEY SHEN – Assistant Coach

Caley has been a fixture on the volleyball scene for well over a decade. His playing career began as a member of the East York Collegiate Institute Goliaths. He continues to this day as an integral member of the Toronto Ngun Lam volleyball club on the NACIVT 9-man circuit, most recently helping his team to a gold flight finish in Rhode Island, solidifying his place amongst the top players in the game. His passion for the game, and love of a strong team culture, are a perfect fit coaching in the REACH Rage program. The team – and club – are lucky to have him aboard guiding our youth volleyball players of today and tomorrow.

RONALD HO – Assistant Coach

Caley has been a fixture on the volleyball scene for well over a decade. His playing career began as a member of the East York Collegiate Institute Goliaths. He continues to this day as an integral member of the Toronto Ngun Lam volleyball club on the NACIVT 9-man circuit, most recently helping his team to a gold flight finish in Rhode Island, solidifying his place amongst the top players in the game. His passion for the game, and love of a strong team culture, are a perfect fit coaching in the REACH Rage program. The team – and club – are lucky to have him aboard guiding our youth volleyball players of today and tomorrow.

Sierra Wong

SIERRA WONG – Assistant Coach

Sierra will be one of the assistant coaches at our REACH Development Clinic. Sierra is a Legacy member of REACH. One of the original athletes to start from the clubs inception.

KUNAL LUTHRA– Assistant Coach

Kunal joins REACH this year as an Assistant Coach to the Reach Rage 16U boys program! Kunal brings just over 13+ years of volleyball experience ranging from playing as key member on his in school teams as well as intramural league in his undergraduate years. Being an educator, Kunal is familiar with the mindset student athletes aim to foster and hopes to inculcate a growth mindset with the athletes in Rage, with the intent to build resiliency in sport. Kunal has coached Grade 8/9 boys and girls volleyball, as well as co-Ed for the same age group and is looking forward to working with the 16u boys team. Kunal’s coaching style is centred on core fundamentals and team cohesion. He is excited to pass on his love for the game and develop further as an Assistant Coach with REACH!


Vinosha Jegatheeswaran is a Registered Physiotherapist with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. She completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at D’Youville College in Buffalo. During her time there, she also worked as a Teaching Assistant in the anatomy lab and conducted research on interdisciplinary communication in the medical field. She recently returned from working in rural Kentucky, at a subacute rehab/long term care facility. She completed her undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph, where she was an avid member of the volunteering community, working as the director of the Guelph chapters of Engineers Without Borders and Meal Exchange, non-profit organizations. She was drawn to the field of physiotherapy after seeing the positive impact it had on both of her parents. She finds PT the perfect combination of her interests in the sciences, her passion for anatomy and movement, and her love for helping people live their best life.