Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Covid-19 Protocols for REACH 2021 Tryouts:

Please read the below details carefully and click on the links to the right for more information or to complete the required forms prior to arriving  on the day of the tryouts.


CHECK IN 30 minutes before START TIME: Athletes must check in first and hand in their filled Covid Waiver, attendance taken and each athlete SCREENED for Covid, and waiting at the entrance. All Covid Waivers will be collected by REACH and held 30 days for tracing purposes.

The athletes must line up at the door before they can be let in at their START time.

Once the athletes are allowed in, each person must sanitize their hands and proceed straight to their gym.

Note, the athletes will only be let in when Markham Pan Am staff have sanitized and adjusted the equipment. 

The tryout transition period takes approximately 15 minutes .

All groups must exit out of the building by their end time so that MPA staff can enter the gym and do their job and have the gyms ready and safe for the next group during the transition period. 

The next group will only be allowed to enter once staff have safely prepared the gym.

Coaches will finish the tryouts early enough for athletes to sanitize and get all their belongings and exit the building at the END TIME.

CHECK IN: front entrance

EXIT: Back entrance (PLEASE remember, athletes to EXIT back doors!)

We have discussed with other parents and doctors on safer behaviour for all our athletes to follow and be as diligent as possible to keep us all safer indoors. Our goal is to maintain the safest environment for all our athletes so that they can train, play, and have fun. As much as we all want to develop our skills, work as hard as we can, and be the best we can be, ultimately our health and safety is the most important.


You will be required to wear surgical masks at Tryouts. This will ensure conformity to safety for the athletes and coaches.

Handling of masks:

  • All athletes must wear their NEW surgical mask before entering.
  • Ensure that the mask fits snuggly on the face without open gaps especially at the sides of the nose.
  • Do not touch the face of the mask, rather handle it by the string if you need to adjust it. Take off by the string when drinking water. We do NOT want to contaminate our hands by touching the face of the mask.
  • Sanitize hands before AND after water breaks.
  • Please bring a few masks for each Tryout. They will get wet from breathing during training in which they will need to be thrown out and replaced with a new dry one. Wet masks lose its effectiveness.
  • Wear a mask when exiting the facility all the way to the car (avoid close contact with others), discard mask and sanitize hands.
  • Athletes will be responsible for their own surgical masks.

Entering Facility:

  • Arrive early to check in and ensure you have given us your filled in Covid Waiver.
  • Line up single file, self distanced 2 meters.
  • If there are no groups in Pan Am, the coaches will bring the group in together right away.
  • If there are other groups in Pan Am, wait on the right side self distanced and single file until the courts have been emptied and sanitized
  • No changing in their washrooms so come wearing proper practice attire

Exiting Facility:

  • Sanitize hands
  • Exit from the BACK DOOR (east side). Let your parent/ride know to meet you there.
  • Exit orderly and self-distanced


  • Keep distanced when in line checking in and waiting to enter courts
  • Keep your belongings to the side spaced at least 3 feet apart
  • During water breaks, players will be staggered into 2 groups to avoid crowding (remember mask handling)
  • Self distance on court when in team cheer/instruction
  • Be aware of your space

TRYOUT Planning:

  • Appropriate drills to reduce risk of infection
  • Scrimmaging or game play (coaches’ discretion) depending on protocols
  • Avoid double blocking or blocking an attacker


As much as we want our athletes to be as competitive, intense, and the best possible, everyone’s health and safety is our priority. So, do the best you can, but be disciplined and diligent in following all our protocols.

We will keep updating you with any changes to our protocols accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding!